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Seldom Seen: The Secret Lives of the California Gray Fox and Burrowing Owl
Sun, April 28, 2013 2:00PM to 4:30PM (Pacific)
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Hosted by Google, Inc.
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Come learn about the behavior and conservation needs of these two elusive species, both holding onto remnant habitat in our urban environment. Join Bill Leikam, to hear his amazing stories and see footage of fox families living in our creeks and baylands. Greg Kerekes, photographer and naturalist, will share his images, song, and stories about Burrowing Owls in Santa Clara County, a dwindling population that is losing its home to “infill” development.

Google, Inc. 
Grand Teton Tech Talk- Google's West Campus (GWC2)
1501 Salado Drive, 1st Floor
Mountain View, CA 94043

Event Itinerary:
  • 2-2:10PM – Event registration and refreshments
  • 2:10-2:15 – Speaker introductions
  • 2:15-3:10 – "A Year with the Urban Gray Fox" followed by Q/A
  • 3:10-3:50 – "Burrowing Owls of Santa Clara County" followed by Q/A
  • 3:50-4 – Event closing
  • 4-4:30PM - Mingle
Please consider donating to support this vital work as well as the development of educational programming for our community.*

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Committee for Green Foothills
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If you have any additional questions, please contact Karin at or call (650) 968-7243 x 340.

Presentation synopsis:

"A Year with the Urban Gray Fox" - Bill Leikam
Beginning with an overview of the gray fox, we will then follow them on their annual adventure from the time that they pair up – the romantic period – before they have their litter. Once the vixen (the female) dens-up, as we call it, a new relationship begins between her and her mate. Once the pups are born, the role of the adults is well defined. What must these pups learn as they rapidly become adults? How do they learn how to be a gray fox? We will follow them through their development using both exclusive video taken by my trail cameras and photographs. For instance, the video shows the small pups learning to climb a tree, falling, and then we see them a month later zipping up and down trees. Along the way, I tell stories about these fox. We will finish this remarkable journey when the pups are indistinguishable from their parents and they are ready to disperse and continue their cycle of life. 

"Burrowing Owls of Santa Clara County" - Greg Kerekes 
Experience the trials and tribulations of Santa Clara County's Burrowing Owls, through the lens of a Wildlife Conservation Photographer. Since the 1980s the Burrowing Owl's population has been dropping dramatically as the urban circuitry of Silicon Valley replaced the orchards and open spaces of the once dubbed "Valley of the Hearts Delight".  Greg will present photos and videos of this charismatic species as well as discuss current restoration and advocacy efforts by Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society aimed to preserve this flagship species, the Western Burrowing Owl.


Bill Leikam: 
Science has been a fundamental part of Bill's life from the time that he was a teenager. In the 1970s, he conducted original research into the nature of consciousness which in 1981 led him to be chosen as one of an 18 member US Scientific Delegation to the People’s Republic of China where he presented his research. During the 1980s, he spoke at conferences across the country both on consciousness and the psychology and neurophysiology of boredom. Four years ago, he began documenting, photographing and researching the behavior of the gray fox. 

Greg Kerekes: As a Naturalist, Greg has a fascination with the natural world and wants to share what he discovers to remind people of the amazing circumstance they are a part of.  He considers photography a necessary means for capturing the magnificent beauty he experiences in the neighboring wild. His photography promotes exploration, personal discovery, and acquisition of knowledge. With his photography, he hopes to preserve events as a way of validating their existence in order to focus attention toward the taken for granted connection between all matter in the universe.

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